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The Bank of the West Rewards Program website is accessible by customers with a Rewards Credit Card or a Debit Card enrolled in the program.

Please register your enrolled card by using the “Click Here to Register” button above and following the instructions provided.

This process is fast and simple and once complete you will have convenient access to your Points balance as well as the ability to claim and redeem Points 24/7 for exciting awards in the online catalog.
Bank of the West Rewards
Make everyday spending more rewarding by using your Bank of the West Rewards Card. You’ll get Points for qualifying transactions and when you claim your Points you can redeem them for great awards.

Get more benefits and enjoy great new awards

  • Get unlimited reward Points - There is no limit to the Points you get and your Points do not expire as long as your card account remains open and in good standing.
  • Combine your Points for greater redemption power - Have multiple Bank of the West Rewards Cards? Combine the
    Points from each card together to redeem for the awards you want even faster.
    Relationship Rewards Information
  • Claim and redeem your Points for a unique range of awards - Choose from hundreds of unique merchandise items,
    in addition to a broad range of awards such as: merchandise, gift cards, and travel awards.
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